Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Creationism or Fiction #1

This is the first of a regular feature where we will give you three creationist claims.  Two will really have been made by creationists and one will be a fake er fake.

Your job is to spot the fake.  Googling would be just too easy, so you are encouraged to use your powers of critical thinking and your knowledge of creationism and science to pick out the fake fake.

Answers will be posted with the next "Creationism or Fiction".  Check back or subscribe to make sure you don't miss the answer.

This first one is an easy one to get you going.

Good luck.

- - -

A)  Bananas and peanut butter prove both the existence of God and the impossibility of evolution.

B)  A professor in a science discipline in a University in the UK thinks that every single fish fossil we have was created in Noah's flood.  This is simply because dead fish float so they usually rot or get eaten.  However the catastrophic nature of Noah's flood made it the only catastrophe catastrophic enough to actually fossilise them.

C)  The evolution of the mind-bogglingly complex Babel fish is "irreducibly complex" meaning that if you chop any part of it off, the fish immediately dies.  This proves that it could not possibly have evolved bit by bit thereby proving Darwin wrong.


  1. I just can't believe that one about the Babel Fish. Do you mean it dies even if you just cut off its fish fingers?

  2. I'm sorry but the rules are you must make up your mind form the information available ;-)

    Is that a vote for C?

  3. I don't think that professor can be from a science discipline. I bet he's a mathematician! :-)

  4. Sorry Brian, wrong!

    No more clues.

    Guesses please.

  5. OK: I guess they're all one of a "kind". Clearly the nutty professor has gone bananas - a very fishy business indeed!
    If that's not the answer, then it's far too irreducibly complex for me.

  6. Well, let me see. The creationists keep telling us that there are an ever ioncreasing number of scietists who don't believe in information theory so the univresities must be chock a bloc with them.

    So here goes - my huge list of creationist professors in Britian, detailed by relevent subject:

    1. Geology.


    2. Biology


    Long list to select from, isn't it?

    Er, wait a minute. There are creationist professors who think their positions should be used toppush religion onto childen. Could it possibly be one of that long and growing list of thousands, namely:

    1. Andy McIntosh

    2. Stuart Burgess.

    Clearly they must be world class geologists or biologists, as are all engineers.

    So, I'll go for the good Professor McIntosh on the grounds that he must be the only professor of thermodyanmics in the world who doesn't appear to understand thermodynamics.

    Britian's list of "scientists" who dissent from darwinism is impressively long, isn't it!


  7. Wht's wrong with Bananas! I'm geneticallh half a banana and proud of it.

  8. The third one is by DNA, my (and Richard Dawkin's) hero.
    Now I'm off for a drink of almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.