Friday, 29 August 2008

Creationism or Fiction # 3

OK folks lets start with the answers to # 2

A) The human elbow joint is irreducibly complex and proves that evolution is impossible.

This is FICTION.

In actual fact it is the knee-joint that is claimed to be un-evolvable and irreducibly complex.  Yes I am that sneaky!

Our old friends the AIG make the claim here.

To think about the suprisingly obvious logical flaw in every single "irreducibly complex" claim from the creationists,  just think about a bridge - most of them would fail if you take away one part of them, but that doesn't stop them being built.  It the natural world the builder is the blind and purposeless force of natural selection working on naturally occurring variations.

Work specifically addressing the claims about the knee joint are addressed here.

B) All cultures have a flood myth - does that not shout Noah or what?


First of all it isn't true.  Secondly mainstream science has evidence of many local floods that have happened over the history of mankind.  Thirdly you can find "evidence" for practically anything in Myths if you look hard enough - anyone ever heard of Von Daniken?

C) Man and dinosaurs lived together - it says so in the bible. In fact dinosaurs helped to build the pyramids.

This is CREATIONISM.  Click here for the story.  I won't even dignify it with a little light de-bunking.  If anyone seriously wants this then please say so in the comments.

- - -

Here we go with Creationism or Fiction # 3.  Remember, your job is to spot the fictional claim.

A) People who accept the evidence for evolution should be put in labour camps in Siberia.

B) Evolution leads to Military Imperialism.

C) People who accept the evidence for evolution should be denied the right to vote.

Answers in the comments please.

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  1. All of the above are claims made by swivel-eyed religious nutcases.