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This is the first of a regular feature for the BCSE Blog.  News-round is exactly what it sounds like with the focus on issues of relevance to creationism in the UK.

The items covered here are taken from the BCSE Community Forum.

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The Genius of Darwin

A TV series by Richard Dawkins has generated plenty of media comment.  In the first episode Dawkins specifically covered the issue of creationist belief.  Media comment was mixed, some can be seen here.  The BCSE is "religiously neutral" and certainly agrees that evolution is perfectly compatible with religious belief.  Comments on the forum point out that whilst evolution may have been part of Dawkins own atheist conversion the vast majority of people of faith are perfectly happy to accept the overwhelming evidence in favour of evolution.

Here we see that Dawkins himself was not happy with the linkage of evolution to atheism.

One demonstration of religion and evolution in action together as covered in the Guardian can be seen at the Clergy Letter Project.

Fossil Detectives

A new TV series "Fossil Detectives" sounds like one to put in your diary.
How can we understand the lives of creatures that lived and died millions of years ago? By examining the clues they left behind. Join us as we become fossil detectives.
Thursday 21 Aug 19:30 on BBC FOUR
Creationist Battles Continue

Elsewhere we see that two major creationist groups that have active members in the UK are still in legal dispute.  CMI and AIG are still in dispute.  More details on these groups can be found in our Wiki.

We Also we spotted a change in the leadership of AIG UK with more influence from Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Politician Calls for Creationism in Science Classes

Yes he wants Northern Ireland to become part of Kansas.

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