Monday, 25 August 2008


AAAS issues a rebuttal to the creationist film "Expelled" which demonstrates how science and religion can work together without damage to either.

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  1. Well, you could also go to the creationists for an alterternative and deep insight into the programme.

    Try for example high profile trainee pastor/missionary David Anderson's superb review. This, um, world class scientist is so clever that he managed to review it with seeing it. Presumably God told him all about it and to save souls, he posted the results on his blog.

    Pastor Anderson, from his lofty perch stuck up a gum tree in Africa, thinks Expelled! is brilliant.

    See his blog on 19th April 2008 (, Anderson rants about neo-stalinist purges of advocates of Intelligent Design from academia. Just one problem with his “review”. Expelled was not on theatrical release in Kenya in April (it still isn't as far as I am aware). Nor was it available on DVD (likewise it still isn't and is not due for DVD relsease until October).

    I asked the man how he managed to see it. he didn;t reply (dioes that surprise anyone?

    Perhaps he was too busy getting his toddler children to watch live animals having their heads hacked off.

    See – He says: “It seems to me that in order to help my tiddlers think biblically, I should make sure they're around next time the cockerel's head gets sliced off, lest the twee little story books they read lead them astray!”

    Nice man, pity about the terrified and screwed up toddlers he is responsible for.