Saturday, 23 August 2008

A View From the Pulpit

A View From the Pulpit is another regular feature of this blog.  In this feature we will show that many, many religious people support evolution theory and that one of the major claims of the creationists, that evolution theory and science in general is an atheist conspiracy designed to swell the ranks of the hell-bound, is nonsense.

A "Catholic" View of Intelligent Design

Ken Miller is reviled by creationists as he is perhaps one of the most vocal academics who supports evolution theory and is also religious.  That kind of thing really winds them up.  We (people who accept that the huge mass of evidence out there supports evolution) are all supposed to be atheists you see.

Here he is on a radio show just recently (his bit is about 12 minute in).

Below is a cracking video of him talking about the science behind the latest high profile "monkey trial" in the US.  This is well worth the time investment.

Religious members of our group have been particularly badly treated by creationists in the UK. I suppose that's what you get for being living proof that they are talking rubbish.

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