Thursday, 11 September 2008

Light Relief


  1. A fun cartoon - however as a creationist I'd amend the wording of the second box slightly. The Bible gives an outline "premise" rather than a "conclusion"; therefore it's not a question of looking for facts to "support" it, but to see how it explains the facts, thus understanding more about the details involved in the outline.

    Moreover I thought the scientific method had to do with experimentation and repeatability at some point. Isn't that how relativity and quantum mechanics were established - because researchers could repeat the confirming experiments any time any place?

    What the first box really shows, then, is more like a "detective method". And as anyone involved in forensics knows, different students can arrive at different theories of what happened to produce the only facts we're now able to observe. After Madeleine McCann disappeared, I believe there were six theories of what happened.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Yes creationists twist and turn to find a way to explain the evidence in such a way as it supports their pre-defined conclusion.

    Science doesn't have any premise other than that "god did it" does not count as an explanation.

    We could play a game to illustrate creationist techniques;

    "I have an invisible dragon in my garage" - I know this because my holy book says so.

    Now try to tell me about some evidence that this is not true and I will show you how creationists respond to evidence.

    - - -

    Playing word games to blur the distinction between premise and conclusion doesn't alter the fact that creationists also simply and straightforwardly deny huge swathes of evidence because they don't like the fact that it supports an old earth and universe and/or evolutionary theory.

    - - -

    The facts in box one have been derived from such repeatable experiments as you mention.

    - - -

    We have massively more evidence regarding the age of the universe and the evolution of life than we have about the disappearance of Maddy.

    - - -

    Perhaps you should try our "creationism or fiction?" game - you have a natural advantage!