Sunday, 28 September 2008

We get Mail

Better spelling than usual - but this one is intriguingly cryptic - what we mean is - we have no idea what it is talking about;
To whom it may concern,

It concerns and saddens me deeply to witness the increasing current of intellectual fascism within the scientific discommunity, and to see the inability of even some of its most discerning and questioning minds to recognise what is going on, and why, and
how it could be diverted.

The truth about the creationism-natural selection divide is that both notions are founded on a logical premise (material independence from space) for which there is no evidence and that does not make consistent sense. However, there is much evidence and good reason to support both evolution and the dynamic involvement in natural energy flow of what can legitimately be regarded as a natural/divine omnipresence, by way of receptive space. Inability to acknowledge this presence has been and continues to be an enormous source of misunderstanding and conflict between objectivist fundamentalists in both science and theology, which cannot be resolved through any kind of adversarial posturing.

The author describes themself as a "Reader in Biology". (materially independent from plain english more like)

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