Monday, 13 October 2008

A creationist apology

Here is an interesting corner of the web for you to have a look at.

Thunderf00t has a series of videos debunking many creationist claims.

He has been threatened and maligned by a creationist in the past months and this has recently been resolved by the creationist offering a full apology in exchange for Thunderf00t agreeing not to sue him.

It makes interesting viewing;

We will be linking to some of thunderf00t's debunking videos in future posts, they are well produced, witty and to the point.

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  1. Thunderf00t is a Brit who lives in Ithaca, NY and who produces science videos that more often than not take on creationism. He seems to have a good science background and, most likely, a university connection. Since there is little around Ithaca, I'm betting he is somehow affiliated with Cornell University.

    Anyhow, thanks UK for lending him to us :)
    This country needs a good dose of science and a religious debunking. Thunderf00t's videos do both - he produces videos giving evidence of evolution and also has a humorous and informative series called "Why to people laugh at creationists?".

    From what I understand, creationism is not a huge problem in Europe or Australia, but here in the US these guys have been a real pain. Perhaps with the election of Senator (now President-elect) Obama, their political influence will wane. In the meantime, hat's off to Thunderf00t and his comrades-in-arms CDK007, Potholer54, ExtantDodo, et al.