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Evolutionists Brainwashed by School and Science - Commentary

This was posted on one of my creation vs. evolution forums in response to another member. It was posted by a creationist to make the point that evolutionists do not think for themselves, but are brainwashed by what they learned in school.

All your notions on evolution are silly and false and you aren't able to debate the subject because your only real answers are...That's not what they taught me in school.

The following was my response to that, and a member suggested I post it in case others might be interested. So here it is:

I never studied evolution in school. And I went to a Lutheran college.

But somehow I must still be brainwashed too.

I've learned about this by reading in later life. To date, I have not seen any good arguments for creation that have not been refuted. But I have seen thousands of posts by "evos" that make sense and are documented.
Still waiting to see posts about peer reviewed creation science. And it's been several years now I've been waiting. And I run several creation forums, so you'd think I would have seen it by now.

In fact, one of my creation forums was originally launched as a platform to PROVE creationism and debunk evolution - that's why I started it. But to my surprise no one actually had arguments that weren't solidly debunked.

I believe the reason some people think there is a big conspiracy theory with science, is that it's the only way they can mentally justify it's current findings while maintaining their world view that it's false.

In addition, the many (hundreds) of creationists that I have seen jump on these forums with the initial statement "I will prove evolution false" - they do nothing of the kind, and ALWAYS end up just saying something like "Well, you're all going to hell."

I have also noticed that in general the "evo" posts are documented and contain links to where they get their info. The posts are usually based on specifics.
Whereas the creationist posts, while sometimes starting with hard facts that are quickly refuted, end up dissolving into jr. high philosophy arguments.

The other trend I notice is for creationists to fill up forums with posts of "How come (something is this way)" yet you still believe evolution is true. And "evos" will take the time to document and respond, while the creationist is off making more new threads.

I have been amazed at the amount of time "evos" take to research and document replies, without the same consideration in return.

This has been my experience and what I have witnessed over several years.

I also know that science is self-correcting by the peer review process. And if information against evolution were found, proven and peer reviewed - it would be readily accepted by the science community at large.
So why are scientists anti religion? If they are, it's because of the ridiculous arguments brought forth by creationists.

The info is readily available if people want to read it. The posts in this forum alone are easy to read and discern who is backed by facts - and who is wishing something were true.

For many years I also believed that science was a conspiracy - that they did not have "the truth". You know how I got to believe that? By going to a particular church for 16 years that had me read book after book that "proved" this to be true. I found out one day the hard day that I knew absolutely nothing about actual real world science - I only knew about science "straw men" from the books in my church library.

I was in an insulated bubble, and very thankful to be out of it now.

In my opinion.

From here.

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