Sunday, 12 October 2008

We get mail

This is a fairly typical email from our inbox;

Subject: Unbelievable

You filthy hypocrites - your pages are packed with lies yet you accuse others. creationists are liars are they ? If you dont know the problems and the frauds of evolution then you are just plain dumb ignorant. Anybody who knows anything at all about science also knows that evolution does not explain diddly squat and evolution by 'mutation' fancy deceptive word for simple copying error and loss of information is scientifically impossible and irrational.


    'Otherwise, the children are going to end up failing their exams and failing to get jobs. '


thats what people who know the difference between right and wrong call a ' lie '


see you on judgement day sucker ill be on the witness stand against you and your slander


Our spokesperson Roger sent off this reply;



Thank you for your comments. If you wish to discuss the Theory of Evolution or other science issues, please feel free to join our public forum. Many of the people there have a thorough understanding of the issues involved and would, no doubt, be happy to be advised where they have made mistakes.


Just as a minor aside, it is the Theory of Evolution by Natural Slection, not the Theory of Evolution by Mutation. In the latter case, there is no such theory.


A number of members of the BCSE are practising Christians.

From Roger Stanyard, British Centre for Science Education

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