Monday, 24 November 2008

Blog Focus - GumbyTheCat meets Conspiracy Theorists

An excellent blog recently covered the similarities between creationist and conspiracy theory claims.

Here is the distilled list - the blog itself has a fuller discussion of each point.  Go take a look.

1. Both groups come to their conclusion a priori. Finding supporting data is a post-facto annoyance.

2. Both groups come to their preconceived notions partly due to hatred and/or fear. One group because they hate or fear the Bush administration. The other group either because they either hate non-believers or fear their God.

3. Both groups find tremendous support in their like-minded circle of friends.

4. Neither group is willing to concede a point to the opposition, regardless of whether or not it undermines their central thesis.

5. Both groups see giant organized conspiracies whose only function is to fool the public. Somehow this giant conspiracy never has members that defect & call the press or decide to cleanse their soul on their death bed.

6. Both groups consider anyone who disagrees with them to be stupid, evil or part of the giant conspiracy.

7. Both groups are willing to cling desperately to wild, easily-disproven "evidence". There is ZERO filtering of this evidence.

8. Both groups are composed of typical fanatics, with all the characteristics that entails - bi-state world, good guys & bad guys, everyone falls into one of those categories, this issue defines good & bad guys, etc.

9. Both groups recruit heavily amongst the YoungAndStupid and the YoungAndCredulous.

10. Few members of either group are ever swayed out. A few. A very few.

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