Saturday, 17 January 2009

News Round - marathon extra

Oh No! I’ve Seen the Impossible! My Eyes!

Poo clue to ancient bird's diet

A case of mistaken dino-identity

Evolution of New Brain Area Allowed Small Motor Skills

Giant Bird Feces Record Pre-human New Zealand

Novel Findings On The Evolution Of Parasitism

Pterodactyls' Ptough Ptakeoffs

Top 10 Signs of Evolution in Modern Man

The Flashiest Dino of Them All

The Fastest Way to Change a Species: Start Eating It

As super-predators, humans reshape their prey at super-natural speeds

Dinosaur Wore Primitive Down Coat

Super-Predators: Humans Force Rapid Evolution of Animals

A crystal clear view of chalk formation

Primate culture is just a stone's throw away from human evolution, study finds

The Natural Order Of Things

Revisiting the Scopes 'Monkey Trial' - radio feature |

Giant bird feces records pre-human New Zealand

Chemicals That Evolve in the Lab May Simulate Earth’s Earliest Life

Life As We Know It Nearly Created in Lab

Reverse evolution in real-time

To Attract Mates, This Dino May Have Shaken a Tail Feather

Hunting Big Game Speeds Evolution of Shrinking Species

High-tech imaging of inner ear sheds light on hearing, behavior of oldest fossil bird

Scientists uncover evolutionary keys to common birth disorders

Evolutionary Keys To Common Birth Disorders Discovered

Earliest bird 'heard like an emu'

VIDEO: Dino Hunter Paradise in Argentina

"Alien" Atmosphere Helped Unfreeze Early Earth

Genetic Variation Cues Social Anxiety In Monkeys And Humans

Oldest Shark Braincase Shakes Up Vertebrate Evolution

Bias in the rock record?

Evolutionary process more detailed than previously believed, study shows

Stanford researchers show adaptation plays a significant role in human evolution

New Feathered Dinosaur Adds to Bird Evolution Theory

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