Sunday, 11 January 2009

A View From the Pulpit - Adam Rutherford in the Guardian

Adam Rutherford: Here's how to discuss Charles Darwin's glorious idea without recourse to being dull and/or stupid

A few highlights;
In order that we might have some rousing discussions about evolution without recourse to being frustratingly dull or just plain stupid, here are my suggested rules of engagement:

1) Evolution is a fact.

2) Evolution by means of natural selection is the scientific theory that describes the mechanism by which evolution occurs.

3) If you say "it's just a theory", you're an idiot. You should attempt of your own volition to find out why this is idiotic. Until then, you don't deserve typey fingers.

4) Charles Darwin's religion is interesting, but no more so than anyone who begins life in a casually Christian household, and over the course of his life comes to a less certain conclusion.

5) Darwin does not belong to atheists.

6) Evolution by natural selection is not controversial among biologists.

7) The truth of natural selection was waiting to be described, but Darwin really nailed it and fully deserves the credit.

8) Charles Darwin was not responsible for the concept of social Darwinism.

9) Don't forget, this is a celebration. Darwin is one of the most important thinkers ever, and bicentennials of this magnitude don't come around often.

10) Darwin was the man, and deserves his place as one of the founders of modernity.

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