Sunday, 1 February 2009

Debunking Corner - Lies about Nobel prize winners

How the Texas Board of Ed. misrepresented a Nobel Prize winner
Setting aside everything I will lay out from this point forward, it is important to note that, based on Dunbar's comments and the ICR article, she clearly based her understanding of this scientific matter on a single article in a creationist magazine, and is ignoring the testimony and guidance not only of the AAAS, the NAS, and her own committee of experts, but Texan Nobel Prize-winners. Educational policy should never be made on the basis of creationist publications, especially when those publications make demonstrably false statements. The references to a publication in September alone demonstrate that she is relying on the ICR piece, and various shared misinterpretations confirm this.

Of course the Nobel laureate was ony too happy to confirm that the ICR article was basically made up.

No surprise there then or is this an example of "academic freedom" in action?

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