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Evangelical Alliance Survey Results

Check out the results here.

2008 Creation and Evolution Survey

In 2008, the Alliance carried out an email survey of its member churches, looking at  views on the questions of creation, the age of the universe and the origin of human life. 20% of our 3,000 member churches responded. A similar survey was carried out 10 years ago, in 1998, which receive responses from about 30% of member churches.

The results of the two surveys are shown below.

 Question                                               2008 Survey (n=630)         1998 Survey (n=848)

Which of the following

most closely matches your                      

view about creation?

World was created in 6, 24

hour days.                                                         36.3%                                 36.9%

World was created in 6 days

but each corresponds to a                            23.8%                                29.6%

 geological time period.

The Biblical account is

intended to be symbolic.                              34.5%                                27.5%


 How old is the universe?

 Less than 10,000 years old                        26.4%                                    n/a

 Billions of years                                             38.5%                                    n/a

 Don’t know                                                      35.1%                                     n/a

The best explanation for the

origin of human life is:

Special creation by God on

the 6th  day                                                       67.1%                                     n/a

Intelligent design                                           15.7%                                     n/a

Darwin’s theory of evolution

made possible by creator                              16.9%                                      n/a


 Don’t know                                                      2.1%                                        n/a

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