Sunday, 22 February 2009

News Round Extra

Charles Darwin, secular saint

The genius of Charles Darwin... and the evolution of a theory that split the world - Yorkshire Post

Mediterranean Sea Dried Up Five Million Years Ago

Darwin's Dystopias: Ghastly Visions Inspired by Evolution

Darwin was right. Up to a point

Charles Darwin, 200 years on

Belfast museum faces legal battle over Darwin exhibition

Darwin day in the UK

Darwin as a religious figure

Darwin Day links....

Darwin Day has Arrived!

Vatican buries the hatchet with Charles Darwin -Times Online

The life and times of Charles Darwin

Darwin's Creatures

A New Evolution Fight at Site of Scopes Monkey Trial

Things that make creationists look stupid

The Tangled Bank: An Introduction to Evolution

On the origin of ignorance

Steve Darwin is Steve #1000

Darwin bicentennial in Pakistan

Richard Dawkins on Darwin

More on Luskin, afarensis

Anglicans & Catholics singing the same tune...

Only 25% of Britons believe Darwin's theory of evolution

Jonathan Wells' weird notions about development

Why Dont You Blog? : Darwin and the Tree of Life

Tropical Turtle Fossil Found in Arctic

Natural History Darwin article now online

Darwin issue of Free Inquiry

Evolution war still rages 200 years after Darwin's birth

Malaysian scientists find stone tools 'oldest in Southeast Asia'

New Class Of Non-protein Coding Genes In Mammals With Key Functions Uncovered

Hey kids: meet Darwin (age 7) and Huxley (age 5)

Darwin and the Intelligent Design Brigade

Positive spin

How to be a Darwin groupie

Half of Britons reject evolution, survey finds

Poll reveals public doubts over Charles Darwin's theory of evolution

Synthetic Biology Yields Clues To Evolution And Origin Of Life

Hundreds Of Identical Species Thrive In Both Arctic And Antarctic

The origins of Darwin's theory: It may have evolved in Tibet

Any debate can only discredit creationism

Sunday Herald: Opinion & Debate: Opinion & Debate

Missing dinosaur link found in Argentina

Monkeys have a sense of morality, say scientists - Times Online

Salman Hameed: Reject zero-sum game on Darwin | Contributors |

Intrepid Explorers And The Search For The Origin Of Species

Islamic creationism

Life Forms May Have Evolved In Ancient Hot Springs On Mars

Darwin was right - 18 February 2009 - New Scientist

Deconstructing the Ribosome - Origins

How Fat or Fit Were Dinosaurs? Scientists Use Laser Imaging

Darwin's Missing Evidence: Changes in Moths Observed

Bird-like lungs powered giant pterosaur flight

Genetics Research Sheds Light On Evolution Of The Human Diet

Pterosaur Wings With a Rib Cage to Match

Billions of years ago, microbes were key in developing modern nitrogen cycle

Ice-age fossils found beneath LA store

Cache of Ice Age fossils found in Los Angeles

A living fossil found in Namibia

Anthropologist's studies of childbirth bring new focus on women in evolution

In What Sense is Evolution "True"?

The Darwin Rapper Answers a Few Questions

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