Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hampshire Creationism latest

Latest news today from here;
Teachers banned from promoting creationism

Teachers have been banned from promoting creationism in lessons.

The warning was issued by West Sussex County Council, the education authority, on the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin publishing his groundbreaking work The Origin of Species, which put forward the case for evolution.

Councillor Peter Griffiths, cabinet member for education and schools, was asked at a full meeting fo the council: “What is the policy of the County Council towards teachers in its employment who promote creationism and/or intelligent design rather than Darwin's theory of natural selection?”

Coun Griffiths said: “It is acceptable to answer questions about creationism in science but not promote it.”

Teachers and students could also explore creationist ideas when learning about religious beliefs.

Mr Griffiths was also asked if there was a zero tolerance attitude to teachers who promoted creationism.

Coun Griffiths said it was currently reviewing its policy, but added: “I note that the view of evolution is changing and that it has been reported that the Vatican has accepted that Darwin's theory of evolution is compatible with the Christian faith.”

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