Monday, 16 March 2009

Light Relief - The Spoof

This is really a gem of a site;
Darwin's Theory of Evolution Has Changed Beyond All Recognition, Scientists Say

Researchers at the University of Lyef near Amsterdam were astounded today when, during their celebrations to mark Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday, they realised his Theory of Evolution is no longer similar to the original. Scientists were observing the Theory when somebody noticed that there were elements of it that seemed different. By comparing the version held on the University's Intranet alongside the original it became clear that the two were no longer the same.

Other contributions to the "controversy" include;

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  1. Oh how we laughed! Am I going to get any work done ever again? Have you noticed, though, that some of the articles seem to have been deleted? For instance, the one about Pope Benedict having AIDS has gone. I can't imagine why - it's obviously a spoof because he can't possibly have caught it from a condom, can he?