Sunday, 15 March 2009

News Round - Catch up

Court: Creationists should settle outside court - State & Regional - Wire -

Creationist vs Creationist

Creationists are still denying Darwin. Stephen Moss asks why |

In the beginning: A brief history of creationism and its ...

Defying Darwin

Room for debate, without the need to suppress the views of others

Science and religion don’t have to be enemies

1.5 million-year-old fossil humans walked on modern feet (Video)

If Evolution's Dangerous, Geology's Not Far Behind

Psychologists shed light on origins of morality

The evolution of Harun Yahya's "Atlas of Creation"

Bloodstained Tools From 13,000 Years Ago Found in a Suburban Backyard

A row that goes all the way back to creation - The Irish Times - Sat, Feb 21, 2009

Origin of Life On Earth: Scientists Unlock Mystery Of Molecular Machine

Poles apart: Cold water cousins pose Darwinian conundrum

On the utility of evolution in experimental biology and medicine

Fossil skull of giant toothy seabird found in Peru

Journals celebrating the Darwin anniversaries

Earliest footprints found in Kenya

1.5 Million Years Ago, Homo Erectus Walked a Lot Like Us

Oldest Human Footprints With Modern Anatomy Found

The strange evolution of "intelligent design" |

Creationists and Stage Magic: A Nice Analogy

Fossil embryos provide clues to evolution of live birth in vertebrates

Project Steve: n > 1000

Fish fossil clue to origin of sex

Fossilised pregnant fish was one of the first animals to have sex

New book, free chapter!

New Stegosaur With Odd Long Neck Discovered

Sex Goes Way Back, Fossil Find Shows

Mammoth skeleton found in Los Angeles

Anthropologist's Studies Of Childbirth Bring New Focus On Women In Evolution

European Creationists Take On Darwin

Bizarre bird behavior predicted by game theory

Discovering the secret code behind photosynthesis

What Biology And Evolution Can Teach Us About Our Safety: Tribute To Darwin

Dobzhansky, Evolution and Me at AAAS

Islam's evolutionary legacy

Intelligent design creationism playing the racism card… again

New Humanist Blog : Adnan Oktar follower disrupts Vatican's evolution conference

Creationism to be taught in science lessons in Hampshire

Oldest sea turtle fossil unveiled in Mexico

The dinosaur hunter

Rome meeting snubs intelligent design, creationism (AP) | News Logging

On the Origin of Photosynthesis

Basics - In a Helpless Baby, the Roots of Our Social Glue -

Evolution, ecosystems may buffer some species against climate change

Rome meeting snubs intelligent design, creationism

Hampshire schools could be teaching creationism alongside ...

Fossil Strengthens Bird/Dinosaur Connexion

PHOTO IN THE NEWS: Fossil Handprints Show Birdlike Dino

'Undesirable' evolution can be reversed in fish, scientists show

Scientists explore hormone evolution

How A New Theory Of Bird Evolution Came About

Billions Of Years Ago, Microbes Were Key In Developing Modern Nitrogen Cycle

Most Britons reject creationism and intelligent design, says survey

Found: Oldest fossilized brain ever is uncovered in Kansas

The 300-Million-Year-Old Brain: Now In 3-D

Oldest Fossil Brain Find Is 'Really Bizarre'

Map of Creationism in the United Kingdom

NI tops creationist belief survey

Theos think tank - News -> Biggest evolution and God survey ever launched today

NI tops creationist belief survey

Four out of five repudiate creationism

Evolution is not to blame for atheism, says US professor

Vatican says Evolution does not prove the non-existence of God

Life could have survived Earth's early pounding

Live Evolution Witnessed In Controlled Environment Of Microbial Predator And Prey

Schools get advice on creationism

Darwin's removal from Turkish magazine cover criticised

Great White Sharks Once Grew Slower, Fossil Shows

Psychologists Shed Light On Origins Of Morality

Culture skews human evolution

Preserved shark fossil adds evidence to great white's origins

Science and the president A new era of integrity, sort of

Creationist Vacations: Adventures in Anti-Science

Controversy over Darwin censorship in Turkey

Nutrient-Powered Evolution

Darwin article causes flap in Muslim Turkey

'Peking Man' older than thought

Turkish government accused of censoring science mag

Victory for Darwin over creationist lunacy

Creationism 'should be taught in science lessons'

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