Sunday, 22 March 2009

That theos survey; details and full report

From here;
The findings of the biggest and most comprehensive research project ever carried out into UK public opinion on evolution and the origins of mankind is published today by the religious think tank Theos, ahead of a major conference tomorrow (Tuesday) in Rome on religion and science.

The independent research for Theos, conducted by polling company ComRes, is being released in a new Theos report, entitled Faith and Darwin. The publication is the second in four reports being published as part of a Rescuing Darwin research project.

Among its key findings, the report reveals that:
  • Only 54% of people know that Charles Darwin wrote The Origin of Species (3% believe he wrote The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and 1% think he wrote The Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver).
  • Only 15% of people know that Charles Darwin was a self-described agnostic towards the end of his life (20% think he was an atheist).
  • 42% of people believe that evolution presents some challenges to Christianity but that it is possible to believe in both.

You can download the full report for free as a pdf from here.

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