Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cool new video competition from Discover

Evolution in Two Minutes Or Less

How Smart (and Fast) Are You?

The Challenge

Can you communicate the most important idea in biology, and one of the most controversial ideas in our society, in a mere 120 seconds? Think you can convince even the most hard-headed creationist that Darwin was right? If so, show us—and that creationist—how it's done.

Your task is to create a video of no more than two minutes that will get the idea and significance of evolution across to an educated lay audience. Along the way, you can touch on points like how evolution works, how we know it to be true, the evolution of humanity, and the future of evolution.

The Opportunity

As you probably know, evolution is under attack in America, from local school boards all the way to Congress. Can a short, inspired video help to spread the truth about this absolutely essential idea? We sure hope so.

If not, whoever wins the contest will be paid in appreciation from the great contingent of the Internet that believes in the importance of understanding evolution. That appreciation will be made official by the contest judge, PZ Myers, biologist at the University of Minnesota, Morris, author of the popular blog Pharyngula, and well-known defender of evolution.

The Rules

You can use any aids, props, animation, etc. Submissions accepted from individuals or teams. Whatever you do, don’t go over the two-minute time limit!

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  1. Hi!!
    me and my friend are interested in making a video for this subject but just wanted to know is it still open for enteries?