Sunday, 28 June 2009

Creationists and honesty don't mix

This story from the BBC (William Crawley is excellent) shows that creationists don't seem to learn from their mistakes.

After being widely criticised in the US for dishonestly setting up a front company and lying to scientists about a documentary about the intersection of science and religion in society, only to carefully cut quotes out of context in the film Expelled which blamed the Nazi holocaust on Charles Darwin, they are at it again.
Professor Peter Bowler, the author of a biography of Charles Darwin and many other books on the history of evolution, said he was interviewed for the The Voyage That Shook The World without realising that the film was being made by a Creationist group.

Professor Bowler, who has spent most of his academic career at Queen's University, Belfast, researching Darwinism, says he is unhappy to be appearing in what he regards as an "anti-Darwinian" film which offers an historically distorted portrait of Darwin. He claims that the film's narrative implies that Darwin's theory led him towards racism, whereas recent historical work by James Moore and Adrian Desmond shows that Darwin's scientific work was partly motivated by the naturalist's passionate opposition to racism.

Professor Bowler says he, along with his colleagues Sandra Herbert and Janet Browne, only discovered that they had inadvertently contributed to a Creationist film a month before the film's release. Peter Bowler also raised concerns about how the editing of his own interview could leave viewers with a false impression of his own perspective on Darwin.

Phil Bell of Creation Ministries UK said;
"Well, it could be called deceptive. But I think, at the end of the day, I would say that more people are concerned about how we've made a documentary, that's a world-class documentary, clearly with wonderful footage, with excellent interviews, and balanced open discussion."

Phil Bell also denied that his organisation had broken the ninth commandment by "bearing false witness" against Professor Bowler and his colleagues. "Nobody was told any lies," he said.

Our own wiki entry on Mr Bell makes interesting reading.

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  1. Deception is thy name, eh Mr Bell. Your entire quoted statement is a lie.