Sunday, 27 December 2009

Creation Research Exposed - "Evidence" leaflet debunked

This is the first of an occasional series providing materials that expose the dishonest tactics and bogus scientific claims made by creationists.

These materials will also be useful for people planning to take part in the Creation-Watch campaign.

Our first resource is a pdf that directly addresses the claims made and exposes the deception behind Creation Research's own leaflet entitled "Evidence from Biology".

Our pdf is downloadable here and can be freely copied and printed without amendment.

Why not download them both so you can see just how clever and deceptive creationist material can be?

The Creation Research material was being distributed in York late in 2009 and was represented as being up to date and accurate at that time.  We have spotted examples of quote mining, straw man scientific definitions, misdirection and the omission of evidence when it is inconvenient for the creationists.

Several more reasons why creationists should not be allowed anywhere near science classes in the UK.

Please feel free to distribute this material where you think it might do some good.

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