Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Truth in Science (?) Issue Creationist Text Book to UK Schools

We are receiving reports that a creationist text book has been sent to UK school libraries.

We have confirmed reports from Derby and Northern Ireland so it seems they might have sent this book to all secondary schools - just like last time.

The book is "Explore evolution" from the Disco Tute and is being sent to school libraries and not science departments and I guess the timing to match Copenhagen is no accident either.

Truth in Science are offering teachers seminars;

Perhaps some "non-creationist" teachers would like to apply and attend so we can find out just what they cover?

Details of the UK version of the book can be seen here.

More comment on the tes site here.

We are told the letter is signed off by Andy McIntosh and offers further free copies.  We will have a copy of the letter soon and will post a copy here when we can.

Details of the creationist nature of the book can be seen at the NCSE here and here.

Why don't you ask your local school if they have been sent a copy?  Why not ask them if you can have it?

Let us know what you find out in the comments here or by emailing us;

committee at bcseweb dot org dot uk

If need be you can of course refer back to us or you can point the schools at the previous TiS antics and/or the government guidelines on teaching science which rule out the teaching of creationism.

Can you also please pass a link to this page on to any sceptical / science / education organisations you can think of . Let's try and get the word out to as many folks as we can.

We will advise you of more details as soon as we have them.

BCSE Committee


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  2. I have read all the attacks on this book carefully searching for one specific example of an incorrect statement in the book. So far, I have not found one. Instead of all the ad hominum attacks please cite a specific error in the book.

  3. Hi Davmos Osh,

    That's a very strange thing to say! There are two links in the post above to many pages listing the misrepresentation, distortion and obfuscation in the book.

    So much for you careful searching?

    Why not have a good read and then come back here with something in this long list of problems that you think is actually OK and tell us why.

    Happy to talk then.



    BTW - How old do you think the world is?