Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Dembski and Expelled - in London

From here;

Also please note that in light of its UK release on DVD, I shall be hosting a Premier Radio screening of “Expelled” the ID film followed by a debatebetween invited guests on different sides of the argument.  You can book tickets to the Event, being held at one of London’s top scientific venues, Imperial College on Sat 27th Feb at 2.30pm.  Find more details and a booking form to attend atwww.premier.org.uk/expelled

This event has been added to our Creation-Watch page.


  1. I attended the 2:30 pm screening (they had an additional, later, screening and debate on the same day due to demand) and I have written up my impressions of the subsequent debate on my own blog:


    Of particular concern was the final statement read out by Mark Haville, whose company is distributing the Expelled DVD in the UK. I've transcribed the statement in full, though I understand a printed version was available for members of the press.

  2. Further to my previous comment, I learned today that Premier Christian Radio will be airing audio of the first post-screening debate next Saturday, 20th March, at 2:30 pm. The radio show should also be available as a podcast on iTunes and from the Premier Unbelievable? website.