Sunday, 19 December 2010

8th BCSE Newsletter

This is the text of the 8th BCSE Newsletter sent out today;

Dear friends of BCSE,

The last few months have been a very busy period for creationists in the UK.  Visiting guest "celebrity" creationists, a new creationist organisation (vehemently denying their roots and the nature of their own arguments) and more attempts to get creationism into UK schools.

Of course all this means that we have also been exceptionally busy digging into the new "we aren't creationists this is just science" creationist organisation and monitoring and analysing what has been going on.

Here are links to some of the main events and publications since the last newsletter;

First of all a warm welcome to a new committee member, Robert Saunders, BSc (Hons), PhD;

I blog at and maintain several websites, including Wonderful Life, where I blog about “biology and atheism in an overly religious world”, with a strong focus on creationism.  It’s this blogging activity that led me to the BCSE, and subsequently to joining its committee.  I hope to offer an additional genetics-based perspective of the claims of creationists, whether they be from the young earth, biblical literalist or intelligent design camp.

BCSE is now on Facebook and Twitter.

A new creationist front organisation "The Centre for Intelligent Design"  (C4ID) opened it's doors in Glasgow.  We have extensive coverage of the group of literal biblicists behind it and their claims;

Podcast  of a discussion between our own Paul Braterman, the 21st Floor and Skeptics in the Pub about C4ID, their claims and tactics.

How not to attack Intelligent Design - make sure that you are clear in your own thinking when challenging those who chose to deny reality in theirs.

A series of posts analysing the claims made by the C4ID.

C4ID versus a modern university biology course.  We compare the claims of ID to actual science textbooks - guess who comes out looking silly?

Paul Braterman sums it all up in this article; Behe in Britain, Miller's mousetrap, and the origins of malaria

We have developed more freely available downloadable resources specifically addressing the claims made by ID.

Look here for a detailed analysis of C4ID and the people behind it.

Look here for an up to date analysis of some creationist funding in the UK and here for an update on the situation in Northern Ireland.

In the past few months BCSE has delivered talks to several groups around the UK.  Please contact us if you want the BCSE to talk to your group.  Remember that we are religiously neutral and would particularly value dialog with religious groups concerned with the activities of creationists.

Our "Creation-Watch" campaign continues with many more opportunities in 2011.

With best wishes for Xmas and a happy new year,

Mark Edon
on behalf of
BCSE committee

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