Thursday, 16 December 2010

"Evolution and its rivals" - special issue of Synthese

A special issue of the philosophy journal Synthese focused on the creationism/evolution controversy — was just published. 

  • Glenn Branch's introduction
  • Robert T. Pennock's "Can't philosophers tell the difference between science and religion?: Demarcation revisited"
  • John S. Wilkins's "Are creationists rational?"
  • Kelly C. Smith's "Foiling the Black Knight"
  • Wesley Elsberry and Jeffrey Shallit's "Information theory, evolutionary computation, and Dembski’s 'complex specified information'"
  • Bruce H. Weber's "Design and its discontents"
  • Sahotra Sarkar's "The science question in intelligent design"
  • Niall Shanks and Keith Green's "Intelligent design in theological perspective"
  • Barbara Forrest's "The non-epistemology of intelligent design: Its implications for public policy"
  • James H. Fetzer's "Evolution and atheism: Has Griffin reconciled science and religion?" 
Access to Synthese is free until December 31, 2010.

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