Sunday, 26 December 2010

If Creationism is so silly why is it so "successful"?

A New Gallup Poll on Evolution.

Of course by "successful" in this context we mean popular, which is not always the same thing.

The founding principle of biology is very often not taught in US schools, thanks to the actions of creationists.  Many science teachers are effectively censored by pressure from parents or local church groups and this means that children are not taught a unifying principle of a science that increasingly underlies more and more aspects of the modern world.

And remember, the USA has a constitution which specifically prohibits the promotion of religion in publicly funded schools.

We don't have that in the UK.


  1. Mind you, in the UK we have a National Curriculum, which helps a *lot*...

  2. It certainly does with two caveats;

    1) As long as it lasts - recent cuts included an announcement of the abolition of the QCDA

    2) The curriculum already allows the teaching of creationism as science in religious schools - look up the ACE curriculum being taught by approximately 50 schools in the UK today.