Tuesday, 28 December 2010

UK Creationist leads team to Science Award: and once again proves creationists are wrong

Dr Andy McIntosh is a professor of Thermodynamics at Leeds University and he thinks the world is just 6,000 years old.

He isn't shy about saying this.  I watched him give a talk at York Christian Union were he claimed with a straight face that the evolution of bird lungs was "impossible" because any and all possible intermediate stages between reptile lungs and bird lungs simply don't work.

He also went on to point out to me that dead fish float and therefore only Noah's Flood could have produced a fish fossil.

In that same talk he also claimed that science is intrinsically biased against him simply because he is a Christian as the vast majority of scientists are atheists who want to hide the truth from people.

It took me about 3 minutes on Google to work out his bird lung claim was false and no time at all to say "Are you joking?" to the Noah's Ark fish fossil claim, but it has taken until just a few weeks ago for Andy himself to prove false his own claim about biased science.

The BBC reported;

Beetle defence inspires University of Leeds research
The beetle can turn its spray in virtually any direction and hit its target with extreme accuracy
The deadly defence system of a tiny African beetle has inspired award-winning research into a new generation of technology.
The 2cm (0.8in) long Bombardier beetle defends itself with toxic steam which it can blast up to 20cm (8in).
A team of scientists from the University of Leeds have developed a technology which is based on the beetle's spray mechanism.
They say it may lead to improvements in the automotive and health industries

So his engineering skills aren't in doubt, well those of his team really, it is a team award.

Well whatever happened to atheistic science censoring him just because he is a creationist?  Of course this work had nothing at all to do with creationism or Intelligent Design.

This removes yet another fig leaf from the topiary hiding Creationisms modesty (lack of science).

So is Andy retracting his view?  Not at all, this just goes to show he was right all along!

For independent confirmation from a fellow creationist have a look at Ken Ham's site here where you can also see some of the talks that Andy has done or has lined up for the UK.  You can also get a taste of Andy's globetrotting lifestyle with some of his future speaking dates in the US and Japan.

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