Thursday, 27 January 2011

Explore Evolution finding it's way into UK libraries

From our Forum;

Glasgow University has a copy of Explore Evolution, presumably donated. They have a policy of filing Steve Meyer's work under "theology", where you will now find it, alongside such works as Pennock's exhaustive (and exhausting, but unfortunately necessary) Intelligent Design Creationism and its Critics. This is as it should be.
I live in Glasgow and, visiting the Glasgow city libraries catalogue, I discovered that they had no fewer than 10 copies in branch libraries. I have therefore written to them in the following terms, and would suggest that other members may wish to do likewise, if relevant:
I see you have 10 copies of this in local branch libraries, presumably donated. You have classified it, as the donors (probably the creationist group that calls itself Truth in Science) would have wished, as science. This is misleading. The work is a Creationist polemic, deceptively packaged as science; read my own review here [on the Glasgow libraries website], and the more detailed analysis by the British Centre for Science Education at ... xposed.pdf
I would respectfully suggest that you consider the merits of this book, although the Mitchell [Glasgow's municipal reference library] should certainly retain a copy as an interesting document. If you decide to keep it, I would also suggest that it be filed under philosophy, the one area in which the lead author has professional-level qualifications, rather than under science.
We know of at least one library that has been selling off its (presumably donated) copies very cheaply. Meantime, the list price on is approaching the ludicrous figure of £50, which can only be intended to deter unauthorised purchases.

More on Explore Evolution here.

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