Saturday, 22 January 2011

The friendly and inclusive world of creationism

AIG tell us that even being a creationist won't get you into heaven - you actually have to agree with them about exactly what was created and when it happened.  Oh, and sending AIG money will probably help too.

They also show how they view Intelligent Design - a gateway drug to the hard stuff - Young Earth Creationism;

But it would be disastrous simply to show people the evidence for an intelligent Designer and not to pursue the topic any further. When we talk to people about an intelligent Designer, we must recognize the ultimate need of each human. If we leave the Creator’s identity a mystery, we invite people to consider all sorts of gods as this possible intelligence, instead of the one true Creator God.
Mankind’s sinful heart is too corrupt to find God without the Scriptures.

So that means that the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury are actually going to Hell.

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