Friday, 14 January 2011

More Creationism on Intelligent Design sites

Seeing as how all creationists claim that Intelligent Design is not creationism and is actually science, it's amusing to see just how much time they spend on ID web sites rehearsing tired old creationist arguments.

Heard this one before?

In the thread to my last post the following question was asked: “How are creationism and Darwinism commensurable.” In other words, what key traits do the two share, if any?
Here is my answer: With both creationism and Darwinism, the faith commitment is primary and the evidence is secondary.

I think that it must sound somthing like this in the creationist mind;
Heard that argument from the scientists that creationism is about faith and science isn't?
Yes, good isn't it.
Tell you what lets use it ourselves.
Breathtaking isn't it?

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