Monday, 10 January 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Creationists are the "high achievers" of the non-skeptical world.

And practice makes perfect.

So denying the science behind other things just comes naturally;
Eight predictions made by climatologists that clearly did not happen:
. . .
Many people, including many Christians, use scientific consensus to argue against the Bible, especially Genesis 1-11. What this article shows is that scientific consensus is constantly changing, and cannot be trusted. God's Word, on the other hand, is unchanging, and can be trusted absolutely. Science is nothing more than the observations and opinions of fallen, sinful men, but the Bible is the very Word of the sovereign, holy, perfect Creator of the universe.
From here.

PS this posting, which quotes science denial and anti-environmental attitudes from some creationists, is pointing out the science denial of some creationists.

The group called "+ science and values" complained the last time that we linked to some Anthropogenic Global Warming denialism by creationists.  They pointed out that they don't subscribe to this, although we didn't in fact say that they did.


Anyway, one of their listed commentators links to the Creation Science Movement who seem to be promoting some Anthropogenic Global Warming denialism by creationists - I have heard MacKay deny it first hand.

Double Doh.

In fact their "commentator"(one of only five listed) recently made some very strange comments about CO2 not being poisonous in an online discussion that touched on AGW, I challenged him on his apparent denialism of AGW and rather than say he wasn't denying it he instead made some very odd remarks suggesting that there was nothing to worry about.

Perhaps the Science and Values team ought to do a posting of a debate amongst their own team about whether AGW is real of not - we would be happy to link to it to give them a few hits.

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  1. A quick look at the + Science and Values blog shows that two of the people behind it are Arthur Jones and Andrew Sibley, well known to the BCSE.

    They are both young earth creationists and have for years been telling everyone that the world is 6,000 years old and Noah's Ark actually existed.

    Pity that they are now trying to hide behind Intelligent Design, better known as Deception by Design.