Friday, 25 February 2011

Free goodies from the C4ID

The Centre 4 Intelligent Design in Glasgow recently sent out an email newsletter.  Here are a couple of extracts with some suggestions for anyone who doesn't feel the need to reject most of known science;

If anyone would like to be added to our mailing list for our periodic e-Bulletin please send your name and email address to . We will respond with a confirmation email and, for the first 200 requests giving a postal address, we will post to you a free copy of the full-length DVD 'Unlocking the Mystery of Life'.     We are now planning for 2011:  
Why not send for this?  Better than it going to a creationist who might use it confuse more people!  This material also speaks volumes about the origin of ID in the UK.  It was first sent to every UK school and college by the group Truth in Science who we already know are a group of Young Earth Creationists.  Yes they think people rode on dinosaurs.  Yes we mean it.

A summer school from July 18-22, probably in rural England, at which Intelligent Design Theory and its implications will be explored in some detail.  This event will be particularly suitable for undergraduates and postgraduates in any discipline, but will also have a wider appeal. We anticipate that the tutors will include leading advocates of Intelligent Design from the United Kingdom, Europe and North America. We shall be sending out further information shortly. If you are interested then send an email to and we will keep you posted.

We are looking for volunteers for this special undercover operation.  Anyone fancy going along to see just what they will make up next?

Or if a week is too much how about a couple of days?
A two day conference in the Autumn in the UK to provide an update on progress and to consider current challenges.  Updates request to
Please get in touch at committee at


  1. I too received this email as a result of attending Michael Behe's lecture at Westminster Chapel in November. On that occasion I was given a copy of Unlocking the Mystery of Life but I confess I haven't watched it yet.

    There's a possibility that a high demand for these DVDs would just encourage them to make more. I would suggest that a strategy of exposure (along with any necessary finger-pointing and ridicule) is the better approach.

  2. Just a piece of info for anyone who may not be aware - The Centre for Intelligent Design UK has a Facebook presence. They generally recycle garbage from the DI and the Uncommon Descent blog, so if anyone feels the need for some lite entertainment, "Like" the page, and you'll get it delivered straight to your FB profile.

    And it's all a bit tragic.