Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Key Creationist Tools - conspiracy thinking & a persecution complex

Here is the headline;

Media Grossly Distorts to Sell Anti-Christian Agenda

Engendering a sense of persecution and claiming a multinational, multifaith, intergenterational multidisciplinary conspiracy to hide the "truth" i.e. by most of the worlds scientists is just a normal day's work for creationists.

Ken Ham is a past master but this kind of attitude goes with the territory here in the UK as well;

Bullying and Intimidation at the hands of other Christians

But did you note the subtle mistake?  Ken simply assumes that anything anti-creationist is anti-christian and vice versa even though this is simply untrue.  Our UK creationists instead complain about other Christians not agreeing with them.


More seriously though, such conspiracy thinking and a hair-trigger persecution complex is a tool that can effectively bring in new members to a group and then isolate them from evidence from the outside (real) world and so keep them in the group.

A tactic as old as the hills.

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