Monday, 7 February 2011

Science leaves Creationists cold again

Science leaves creationists / Intelligent Design Proponents cold once again;

Now, given these vast opportunities now available to scientists interested in protein evolution, wouldn't you think that design theorists who write on the topic will be eager to get involved in such studies? I sure would, especially since the lab that did this work is within a short drive of the epicenter of intelligent design research, a research insitute headed by a scientist whose professional expertise and interest lies in the analysis of protein sequence-function relationships. As I've repeated throughout this series, there's something strange about a bunch of scientists who want to change the world but who can't be bothered to interact with the rest of the scientific community, a community that in this case is well-represented in active laboratories right down the road. (I'm eager to be proven wrong on this point, by learning that ID scientists have interacted with the Loeb lab or the Fields lab.)
More to the point, there's something tragically ironic about the fact that the ID movement is headquartered in Seattle, inveighing against "Darwinism" while obliviously amidst a world-class gathering of scientists who are busy tackling the very questions that ID claims to value.
From the excellent Panda's Thumb

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