Tuesday, 22 March 2011

BCSE in the press

Michael Gove's statement is a good step in the right direction but we remain concerned that creationists who gain control of publicy funded schools will be able to undermine sound science by backdoor methods outside of the science lessons.

Our recent letter to Michael Gove and the response of his spokesperson has hit the press;


We would recommend that everyone reads our letter and the accompanying memorandum which sets out the background evidence for our concerns.

The Everyday Champions Academy application is at one end of a range of creationist activities.  We call them "popularisers".  They have little or no grasp of the science they so vehemently deny and are very open about their disdain for modern science and their devout faith in a literal interpretation of the Bible as an alternative.

That Michael Gove is quick to apparently confirm that he sees this flavour of extreme views as incompatible with the running of a publicly funded schools, is undoubtedly a positive step to be welcomed.  We will await the outcome of the ECA application with interest.

At the other end of the range of creationist activities we see a very different beast - these creationists avoid any mention of creationism, or even of Intelligent Design and certainly don't mention their religion.  Instead they produce and/or distribute very clever materials that seek to undermine sound science with creationist canards disguised in scientific sounding language to the detriment of pupils.  We call them "infiltrators".  These types of activity will prove a much sterner test for Mr Gove's leadership and control of the Free Schools programme.  The fact that such schools will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act will at least give the BCSE an opportunity to try to monitor such abuses of the system and we intend to make full use of it.

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