Thursday, 17 March 2011

Creationist Free School - Everyday Champions Academy - What beliefs do they have?

Everyday Champions Church in Newark are applying to run Everyday Champions Academy (ECA) as a free school funded by public money.

We have already covered this very briefly here where Gareth Morgan took our inaugural Numpty award for demonstrating that he has no idea of what “theory” means in science.

The TES originally reported the claim that creationism might indeed be covered in science classes as stated by Morgan originally but who then (apparently) made a comment (4th one down) "clarifying" as follows;
“Creationism will be embodied as a belief at Everyday Champions Academy, but will not be taught in the sciences. Similarly, evolution will be taught as a theory. We believe children should have a broad knowledge of all theories in order that they can make informed choice.”
For the moment let’s ignore the clanger about a “theory” [which, in science, of course, means an explanatory framework extremely well backed by evidence], and take the ECA free school applicants at their word. Let’s assume that they will teach biology properly and let’s look instead at what “creationism will be embodied as a belief” might mean outside of the science classroom, and what "a broad knowledge of all theories" might mean for the teaching of science itself.

We think we can now give you a fair idea of their actual views even though they are keeping awfully quiet about them at the moment, thanks to the fact that the ECC have been putting on “Discovery Nights” some of which have covered creationism. This was done with the involvement of a chap called John Harris who states on his web site “creation science” that “Every Day Champions Centre is our Home Church”.

So Creationism as promoted by the ECC, and so presumably as will also be embodied in the leadership of the school, incorporates the following beliefs;
  • Free schools do not need to follow the national curriculum, as long as they teach to a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Such a balanced curriculum will teach as a scientific theory that there was definitely a worldwide flood, and that this theory is superior to what mainstream geologists maintain.
  • Modern biology is a religion and not science - so presumably it will be covered in RE lessons and perhaps in assemblies
  • The government, schools, teachers and scientists are all involved in a fraudulent conspiracy to defraud and are engaged in the brainwashing of children - perhaps civics or PHSE
  • Dinosaurs are not extinct because they survived Noah’s flood on his Ark - if taught in science this breaks Mr Gove's restrictions and if taught outside of it would make a mockery of them
  • The Natural History Museum is wrong - school trips to museums might be interesting then
  • The Bible is inerrant - another good topic for assemblies - especially for the 50% of the children that can not be selected for by faith
  • If you accept modern evolution you can’t know right from wrong - this includes the Church of England and the Vatican let alone 99% plus of scientists.

It is typical that a creationist's self confidence and arrogance be matched only by their ignorance of science and scientific principles, but this is a particularly extreme example.

In the appendix [see below] there is a whole list of quotes covering these subjects which have been taken from John Harris’s blog.  He seems quite proud of his beliefs and in fact he has brought together his comments from various sources for our edification.  Once they become more widely known we might expect him to remove them - so we have kept copies just in case.


Here we have a group that already teaches anti-science, in fact they teach anti-everyone-who-doesn’t-read-the-Bible-the-way-they-do propaganda. Here we have a group that is not just ignorant of modern science, but is also absolutely certain in the knowledge that they are in fact the ones who are completely right and that everyone else is utterly wrong. Here we have a group that accuses the government, teachers and science museums of a grand overarching brainwashing conspiracy.

Should the government use taxpayers money to pay for such a group to run a school?

We don’t think so.

If you have any more information on the creationism being promoted by ECC then please let us know.

Appendix of quotes

Modern biology is a religion and not science

“evolution is a religious world view “

“your religious and humanistic evolutionary convictions”

“I don’t mind the teaching of evolution! I only mind when humanists promote the evolution theory as science.”

“Nevertheless, as explained above, I totally endorse the teaching of evolution (that you fear will be missed out) so that students are educated and not brainwashed by religious evolutionists who claim that this hypothesis (disguised as science) is a fact and confuse students.”

“That’s where I STRONGLY disagree because evolution is nothing but a humanistic worldview (religion).”

“First of all, there is NO evidence (never mind multiple independent lines of evidence). Secondly, it is false by default until PROVEN true!”

“No, no, no, no. This is not true! I was under the impression that you understood evolution. Firstly, the thing about evolution is that it is NOT observable or testable science. Secondly, “Speciation” that you claim seen in the lab and wild is nothing more than a variation within a kind! I am willing to tolerate and discuss any claim evolutionist/humanists bring to the table, but this statement is untrue and MUST be withdrawn!”

“If you want to believe in evolution, then be my guest, but don’t try to present it as a fact that is scientifically supported. There is nothing worse than an evolutionist who religiously accepts this hypothesis without understanding it.”

Even Francis Crick is put in his place;

“That’s why an evolutionist (you note I haven’t said a scientist) is unable to contribute wisely so long as the evolutionary spectacles are firmly placed in their mind. Regarding Crick’s comments, I happen to agree with some of them but he still has the evolution spectacles on, therefore, he is influenced by a belief/religious system that hinders his discoveries and predictions.”

Accusations of fraud and brainwashing

“At least my contention is not added to textbooks and museums using tax money and fraudulently called science!”

“This is why education is very important otherwise we are going to breed a whole new generation that are totally brainwashed (ie indoctrinated) and can’t think for themselves! Is it really possible to replace our humanistically trained teachers/professors who insist that time, space and matter is self created! I wish we could, but I doubt it. Having said that, perhaps it’s not too late to make a small difference by exposing this generation to some education through books such as Ray Comfort’s? However I expect some opposition from religious evolutionist who don’t even understand the subject and still call it science!”

Interpretation of the rules re Free Schools

“Please re-read the main article on this website which says “Free schools would not have to follow the national curriculum but would need to provide a broad and balanced education”. In case it was missed, it said “would not have to follow”. I hope the “legal requirement” is clear in this statement . It appears to me that it is YOU who wants to force a religious worldview on students”

“In fact I recommend that ECC teach all the various theories surrounding the beginning of our planet particular that of the evolution theory. It is important that the students know what scientific “evidence” exists that supports this theory . They should be explained that it’s a theory and NOT a fact pointing out any empirical science that does or doesn’t support it. Students should be educated with the different available options and let them make their own choice with intelligence (not indoctrination). Don’t you agree?”

School Trip to the Natural History Museum?

“Firstly, just so you know, I have personally visited the Natural History Museum about 2 weeks ago. There are many scientifically inaccurate information that are currently being prepared to be challenged. We/Humans have NEVER evolved and were NEVER apes to start with (this comment is not even valid from an evolutionary worldview).”

Noah ahoy

“During the global flood, mountains where not as high!  Many may have formed when the "fountains of the deep" were broken up or when mountains arose during the last months of the flood"
(Psalm104:6-8.).  The Bible states clearly that the water was more than 15 cubits (20 feet) over the tallest mountain (Genesis 7:20). Seashell fossils have been found on top of mountain ranges all over the world.  The top of Mt. Everest is covered with sedimentary rock containing petrified, closed clams.  Since clams open as soon as they die, they had to have been buried alive to be petrified in the closed position. There was definitely a worldwide flood. The Bible says in Psalm104 that as the flood ended the mountains lifted up and the valleys sank down and the water hasted away.
Today’s mountain ranges are well above sea level, but this was not the case before the flood.  If the earth were smoothed out, that is the mountains pressed down and the ocean basins lifted up, there is enough water in the oceans right now to cover the entire earth 8,000 feet deep (approximately 1½miles). All of the water ran off rapidly through the soft sediments into the ocean basins during the last few months of the flood. This would explain the rapid carving of features such as the Grand Canyon and the Bad Lands.”

"Science does not disprove it [the Biblical account of creation] and in many case it supports it – check out" [ gives a link to the recent discovery of the astronomical location of God's Throne of Glory. No, this is not parody; would that it were]

Are the Dinosaurs extinct?

“Firstly, there is no evidence that dinosaurs are extinct. How can ANYONE prove the lack of existence of ANYTHING? There have been at least 20,000 reported sightings and over 4,000 are documented. You should start reading books like "Dinosaurs by Design by Duane T. Gish, Ph.D.", "Texas Tracks and Artifacts by Robert F. Helfinstine", "The Encyclopedia of Monsters, Daniel Cohen Dorset Press, NewYork Excellent Research". “

“Please provide empirical evidence showing the "K-T extiction"!  The sedimentary layers and buried fossils (whether fossilized or petrified) along with the rapid carving of features such as the Grand Canyon/Bad Lands is much better explained with the global flood model.  Having said that; could the impact of an object such as a meteor or comet etc. cause the fountains of the great deep to burst through? You should get the book "In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, by Dr. Walt Brown" or checkout .  In fact the whole website is a good source of such information.”

Adam and Eve
“However, if evolution is true, then yes, sin existed long before Adam/Eve lived and therefore, sin did not come into the world through Adam/Eve.  I agree that this would totally contradict the Bible.  However, there is NO evidence of evolution or that dinosaurs existed "back for hundreds of millions of years".  In fact there is evidence that dinosaurs DID exist only a few thousand years ago.  Dinosaur bones have been found with blood cells in them and those bones that were tested using Carbon dating, show that they are only a few thousand years old.”

RE to include Biblical Fundamentalism?
“There are no contradictions in the Bible.  Unfortunately, some translations are based on the Alexandrian manuscripts which have been badly translated introducing "contradictions”.  I encourage you to only use the translations based on the Textus Receptus manuscripts. Therefore, before making such bold false statements about the Bible, I would like to propose that you read the book "’Errors’ in the King James Bible” that deals with all the so-called "contradictions”.  Be encouraged, the Bible is the infallible, inspired, inerrant Word of the living God.”

What will they teach kids about those who do accept modern biology?

“Evolutionists are unable to define absolutes when it comes to knowing rights and wrongs. The answer given will totally depend on the person you ask. For example, if you ask Hitler, he would tell you that it’s ok to kill Jews. How would you know it’s wrong and how would you convince Hitler otherwise (if he were alive of course)? Evolution is not just wrong but a dangerous religion that could promote very bad behaviour and practices. In fact, even the statement “bad behaviour” is confusing since in evolutionary terms this may actually be a good thing depending on the evolutionary results you want to achieve, right?”


  1. John Harris is clearly a scientifically illiterate clown who doesn't even appear to understand his own "creation science" arguments. He displays all the arrogance of ignorance.

  2. Everyday Champions say they will teach evolution "as a theory". What they mean is that they will teach evolution in such a way that it will not be believed, and that the students will be expected to accept this kind of garbage instead.