Sunday, 13 March 2011

Dawkins on Revelation TV

I think the initial multiple comments about Dawkins talking to "more intellectual" people simply refers to trying to get him to debate with a "creationist". This would be a huge publicity coup for them and I think that Dawkins also knows this and will avoid it - it would look a lot better on their CV's than on his.

If you don't have time for the whole thing - look at 25 mins for the "toilet challenge" to modern biology - it's a new one on me.

Please note that the TV channel now appear to have gone back on their previously stated intention to publish the video.  We will be putting up some short extracts under the "fair comment" laws in a little while.

Hurray it's back up!


  1. Just watched this ..... Dawkins gave great answers, very respectful to a man who seems to had his fingers in his ears going na na etc.. Its a shame he didn't listen he may have learnt something... But I suppose it must be really difficult to admit your beliefs are wrong on something you may have spent your whole life believing

  2. to toil over when to go to toilet !
    RD may reply
    " all animals excrete waste "