Thursday, 12 April 2012

Radio Phone-in: Science versus Nonsense

Our own Roger Stanyard explains that in the UK Creationism is a small and extremist group of fundamentalist Christians versus the rest of the C of E, most of Christianity and all of Science.

The tired old creationist conspiracy theory that biology is a bunch of nasty atheists versus nice Christians is till getting flogged by Sylvia Baker.  This is a key recruitment tactic for creationists.  Claim that there is a genuine scientific debate going on and pretend that creationists are in some way representative of Christianity in the UK and are getting picked on by "nasty atheist science".

There are two obvious holes in the creationist position:

  • Why are there lots of scientists who are religious?
  • Why do most religious people in the UK have no problem accepting the scientific evidence?

We are still waiting for an answer.

Lets keep this religious and political controversy in sharp focus - it is a religious and political movement that distorts both religion and science for their own political ends using a nasty scientific atheist bogey man to scare people into joining their ranks and they are applying for public money to run free schools now.

Scientists, Christians and Skeptics alike all need to bear these facts in mind when arguing against creationism in the public square.

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