Thursday, 11 October 2012

UFO's are Spirit beings - it says so in the bible!

Creation Ministries International might be mistaken for an organisation set up to make Creationists look crazy.  After all, Philip Bell thinks dinosaurs roamed medieval Cumbria.

Now they are claiming that not only are UFO's and alien abductions real, but that they are actually spirit beings and the bible tells us all about them.
Though Joe Jordan’s ministry might easily be misunderstood by some Christians, his specialty in the UFO phenomenon is actually a subset of the creation vs evolution debate. Joe was initially led astray in this area by popular culture, which shows how important it is for Christians to engage the culture with sound information—regardless of how weird we might think it to be at times.
Check the whole piece out here.

When you have stopped laughing then reflect for a moment about the fact that CMI are constantly trying to get into UK schools to promote their nonsense, they have enough money behind them to make a film costing over $1 million, although they told lies to the scientists and historians that appeared in it then edited their comments to deliberately distort what was said.

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