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The British Centre for Science Education (BCSE) is a group dedicated to promoting and defending science education in the UK. It is run as a cooperative organisation by part-time volunteers with free membership and a public forum where the general public can debate the key issues involved. It has no full time members of staff and believes in the tools for everyone to think for themselves - Science, Education and Reason - and the outcome – Democracy, Pluralism and Liberty.

We have become deeply worried about attacks on science education, particularly from creationists funded from the USA, and our campaign is dedicated to keeping all forms of creationism including Intelligent Design out of the science classroom in the UK.

The BCSE is open to all, irrespective of religious or political affiliations, who wish to oppose the tide of creationism in the United Kingdom.

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This blog will keep you up to date on with developments from the BCSE including news round ups, creation watch alerts, links of interest from around the web and official BCSE activities and announcements.

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Commenting is strictly moderated.  Any creationists wishing to prove the scientific community wrong can attempt to do so very politely in our public forum or not at all.

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This website and blog deals with controversial issues of public concern & the debate surrounding them. Positive comments, corrections & polite criticisms are welcome and will be treated in confidence unless otherwise agreed.

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  1. I think we are close to being able to come to a conclusion about what is happening in the creationist movement right now in Britain.

    There are, in fact, two groups within the movement - the popularists such as Answers In Genesis, CMI and Creation Outreach Ministries pushing young earth creationism in the churches and to the public and the strategists, a coalition of Truth in Science, Genesis Agendum, the Biblical Creation society and the Centre for Intelligent Design. The strategists are concentrating on pushing Intelligent Design into education (as usual, you'll find Andy McIntosh up to his neck in it all - been like that since the Creation Activists conferences of the 1990s).

    Follow the money. The coalition is based on pushing Explore Evolution and its associated web site, The World Around Us and C4ID's activities and is specifically targeting state education. The strategy began to be implemented in late 2009. My estimates suggest the coalition has, since then, spent at around £80,000 in the distribution of Explore Evolution (minimum £25k), the World Around Us (£8k) , the set up and running costs of C4ID (£14k minimum) and the Michael Behe tour of Britain in November (£33k).

    We haven't a damn clue as to where most of this money came from. We can account for around £33,000 (the takings from the Behe tour) and that's it. Some one somewhere has put up around £50,000 (and I suspect, possibly £70,000 - I'm being conservative in my estimates).

    It's a lot of money to spend on what is purely public relations. Who is, or are, the sugar dadies for this new influx of funding?

    Who is Mr Big driving Genesis Agendum now that Geoff Barnard has stepped down and retired to Israel?

    I've just posted to our wiki a big report on The World Around Us web site which, in it's conclusion, summarises how the British creationist movement is now in sync with the US Intelligent Design movement.