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Creationist groups in the UK would prefer to keep their activities in schools out of the lime light.  So this campaign is designed to keep them honest.

Below is a list of public creationist talks.  We encourage BCSE members and interested members of the public to attend the talks for two reasons;

  • Keep an eye on their activities and arguments.
  • Ask them about their future plans involving schools.

We would also encourage you to contact any schools in the area where these talks are being given to see if there is a creationist visiting.

Recently in York, John Mackay from "creation research" said this;
“In schools they tell us “no religion” so I just say I will talk about the evolution of mankind and there is no problem. ha ha”
So we know that they are not even honest about what they want to talk to the children about.  We are also aware of creationists previously speaking in schools without the knowledge of the parents. In fact BCM now have the following comment in their events page;
"Note: Meetings are also arranged in schools and colleges but details are not advertised."
BCSE is aware that CMI UK have arranged speaking events in state funded schools that have not appeared in their events listings.

If you decide to go and see some creationists for yourself then here are a few suggestions to help things go well;
  • Take notes (try to concentrate on factual claims about science, rather than deep sounding but vague philosophical musings)
  • Take any free leaflets or literature on offer
  • Please don't interrupt laugh or heckle.
  • Feel free to ask questions - there is usually a Q & A session - we recommend that you ask about school visits that they have undertaken or that they have planned
  • Don't get involved in any arguments
Here is a an example of a write up of a recent creationist meeting. Don't worry if yours is shorter, or even if you are unable to answer all the points they raised, please contact us here (mark at and we will be happy to help you get your report into shape. We will post the report on our blog and if necessary we are happy to assist in writing to schools or Local Education Authorities about these issues. We also have contacts in the national press who would be interested in such a story.

We have started producing resources to specifically address the materials distributed at Creationist meetings in the UK. Here is our first article which includes a downloadable pdf debunking Creation Research's "evidence from biology" leaflet.

Creation Watch Opportunities
Here are some recent and future creationist meetings - please let us know of any others you know about.  If you are planning on attending we can put you in touch with others going along if you like; (mark at

We will put any new events we notice on the list but we will also put a post on the blog - so if you subscribe to the blog RSS you will be updated of any changes to this list.

Click the link to read a report of the event or for more details of future events.

Date,Location, etc.
17 Nov 2009 John Mckay in York
25 Nov 2009 Dr Hellawell in Redditch
15 Dec 2009 Phil Bell in Leeds
28 Feb 2010 Paul Taylor in Redditch
17 Aug 2010 Casey Luskin in the USA
23 Oct 2010 Michael Behe vs Keith Fox - Premier Radio
20 Nov 2010 Michael Behe in Leamington Spa
March 2011 Harun Yahya
More from Harun Yahya
More from Harun Yahya


  1. margret eleanor baxtorTuesday, January 11, 2011

    i love going to creation evolution debates, always seems to me the evolutions leave with egg on their faces, quite amusing watching them squirm when evidence is presenting showing them to be such fools

  2. Thanks Margaret!

    Perhaps you can give us an example of evidence that makes (I presume you mean) biologists squirm.

    Perhaps they are uncomfortable to hear lies being told without being able to respond. I must admit that this was really uncomfortable for me the firs few times.

    Give us an example of the evidence you mean and we can both have a look into it and see who is correct.



    1. The Big Bag (Nothing made everything you should hear Richard Dawkins tying to explain that one it is really funny! and there is no missing links found yet Go to it will answer some of your questions.

  3. Is this a spoof site set up by creationists?

  4. Replies
    1. I don't know but God is! Go to for more info on Creation. Its amazing! And Join up for the mag its truly great you don't know what you are missing.

  5. Creation (God) made Humans, But Humans made Evolution

  6. Are you serious, the belief in a 'missing link' is a fundamental misunderstanding of evolution!!

  7. There is no such thing as a missing link Darwin when he created evolution said that there would be some links before long but there has never been one found they are just hoaxes, what do you think? go to for more info.

  8. To believe in a missing link is to suppose that there is stasis in evolution. There isn't. It is an ever ongoing process. Only by supdividing infinite variability so we can study it do we create the nonsense idea that there can be missing links. There can't be a missing link in evolution! Any idea to the contrary misses the point!

  9. But there is no Fossils to prove this process there are no links in the process strong enough I am not saying Evolution cannot be true but that there is no evidence for it but I can see evidence for God and the idea that God used Evolution is silly at the least. If you look out into the world you can see design you can see God's fingerprint if you held a computer in your had a phone tablet or anything you would not say that it made itself out of nothing but the world which is much more amazing than any technology was made out of nothing at all it has been designed by the master designer. we can also see by one of the scientific law of cause and effect that everything must have a cause that cause I would say was God but were is evolutions cause? please go to or to one of the creation meetings around they are cool.

  10. I understand that Creation by God would mean that we all have to be responsible to Him so that is why many do not want to believe it says in the Bible that they would rather believe a lie than the truth yet the truth is simple God sent His son Jesus Christ to the World to die in our place we all do wrong whether small all little and that is why we need someone to die in our place because the wages of sin is death but God sent his Son to die in our place he lived a perfect life and so we are freed from that burden of going to hell if we believe in Jesus. Please do so today, I understand this site is for Science and watching meetings of Creationist but please do go to these meetings not for the reason of finding problems but listen to the reason why Creation can be true