Regular Features

Whilst anything and everything seems to turn up on this blog from time to time we have several regular features.  Here is a quick description to help you find your way around;


Official news or announcements from or about the BCSE.

Blog Focus

The internet has many sites giving a valuable insight into the struggle to keep science and just science taught as science in science classes.  In this feature we bring you some recommendations.  It isn't just blogs but also other useful links and sources of information will be featured as well.

Creationism or Fiction

A silly game where you have to use your knowledge of creationists to spot which of the three creationist claims is simply fiction made up by us on the spot and which is er, simply fiction from a creationist.  This is even harder than it sounds.

Debunking Corner

Just what it says.  A particular creationist claim is held up to the light of rational examination and pulled to pieces.

Down the Quote Mine

A favourite tactic of the Creationists is quote mining i.e. taking a quote from some reputable authority figure and mangling it out of all context so as to give the impression that it either supports their point or undermines the scientific evidence which supports evolutionary theory.  In this feature we give you examples and show just how dishonest they are.

From the Wiki

A selection from the wide range of research and essays on the BCSE wiki.

Fun/Light Relief

Despite the fact that it so very difficult to satirise Creationists - I mean you can't make this stuff up because they already have - we do try to focus on the light hearted side of things.

Here you will find a cartoons, jokes, silly events and quotes which will hopefully raise a smile.

News Round

A selection of articles covering both the scientific evidence for evolution and newsworthy events in the struggle against creationism being taught in british science classes.

View From the Pulpit

An opinion piece.  Sometimes a commentary on news items.  Sometimes a straightforward contradiction of creationist claims that evolutionary theory is a worldwide atheist conspiracy.  Views from theists of many kinds, deists, atheists and agnostics.

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