Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Creationist does not like the spotlight : Bears sh*t in woods

From here;

Culture Minister Nelson McCausland seeking probe into museum letter leak
Mr McCausland told Assembly Members yesterday that “some malign individual” had leaked copies of his letter to the Press.
“That matter will have to be dealt with and investigated by the institution concerned,” he added.
The minister said the museum's copy of unverified minutes of a meeting had also been leaked.
Condemning the leak, he said: “It is true to say that that shows a lack of respect by that individual for the trustees of the museum and for the institution itself.” Mr McCausland also told the Assembly: “The context of the letter was to ensure recognition of the importance of building a shared future, a commitment to good relations and recognition of the responsibility for human rights and equality of all arm’s-length bodies.
“It is essential that the Ulster-Scots story is not airbrushed from the storyline of our museums as though that community did not exist.
“The same is true of the Orange tradition that I also mentioned in the letter. It is important that all traditions are included.”

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