Friday, 24 September 2010

Debunking Corner - Stephen Moreton - Look Around You

Stephen is a regular on our forums and recently had an article published in Earth Science Ireland.

Stephen says;

"Earth Science Ireland has again published an article, by yours' truly, critiquing the creationists. Again it has a Northern Irish theme. My first (in issue 6) concentrated on the Giant's Causeway and Interbasaltic Bed, but included the chalk also. This latest deals with granite cooling (with the Mourne Mts. as an example) and fossil ordering (with N. Irish examples). This is a deliberate strategy as I want to show that even in the Ulster creationists' own back yard there is abundant evidence to disprove them. The next article is already roughly drafted and should cover the Carrickfergus rock salt deposits and how creationist explanations for evaporite formation don't work, and dendrochronology and the Belfast Curve. To see the current article, "Look around you", go to and click on "Magazine", select "Earth Science Ireland Issue 8" and scroll to page 35. Enjoy."

Thanks Stephen.

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