Sunday, 31 October 2010

Learning & Teaching Scotland don't get it

Here the 21st floor get a response from Learning and Teaching Scotland that either means they don't want to upset creationist by pointing out their science is bogus, or that they genuinely think that science is just a matter of opinion.  Perhaps if you really, really think Nessie is real then she is

The best case scenario here is that LTS are being deliberately evasive; avoiding controversy by providing platitudes.

The alternative is more worrying.

Are we, for example, to interpret this statement as suggesting that LTS do not agree that a “one size fits all policy” applies to matters of scientific fact? The bones of the issue are that creationism is not science; not even when dressed up in the scientific language that’s employed deceptively by the Intelligent Design movement. Its lack of scientific credibility is a “one size fits all” fact, not a matter of opinion.

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