Monday, 22 August 2011

American Creationist Attacks UK Pastor - Also thinks little of the UK

Of course anyone who disagrees with Ken Ham just can't be right can they?

Here he has a go at the UK Church and society.  All part of the standard creationist boilerplate.

Christianity magazine in the United Kingdom (UK) recently published an article by a Baptist pastor from Cambridge in England. I just groan when I read such articles. Just the first paragraph alone illustrates how compromised and ill informed many such pastors are about biblical topics. No wonder generations of young people have left the church.  Look at the state of the church in the UK today—what a mess. Look at the state of the nation—generations of godless young people in the UK now acting in accord with their godless foundations for their worldview. And the church pumps out stuff like this compromised thinking below! What a mess! 
Compromised.  The Church is a mess.

Creationists like to paint the political controversy about their extreme fundamentalist take on the Bible as a conflict between christians and atheists.

This article shows you what it is really about: a battle for control of the church.

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