Saturday, 13 August 2011

Darwin caused the riots too!

Creation Ministries International continue to flex their conspiracy theory muscles with these gems from beyond the edge of rationality;

The doctrine of original sin made clear that children were not born good; they needed to be taught right from wrong, and the discipline we received instilled a sense that wrong-doing had consequences.

In contrast to all this, much of today’s educational system places little if any value on such biblical ideas. This is not surprising; if even many church leaders claim Genesis is not real history, then original sin is but a myth. In fact, it is quite likely that the ‘progressive’ educationist will take a different view simply because they think that, if the Bible teaches something, it is probably wrong. The teachers know that they themselves lie, and the head teacher lies—so why should they expect their pupils not to lie? Indeed, a recent New Scientist article actually argued, from an evolutionary standpoint, that lying in our personal, professional and social lives is a strategy for survival!
. . .
The logical consequence of the 'evolutionisation' of society over the last century or more has been to undermine the truth and authority of the Bible in people's eyes. This is inevitably accompanied by the relentless undermining of all vestiges of the worldview based on Christianity. In many schools, it is frowned upon or even forbidden to teach morality as it is considered inappropriate for adults to impose their views on children. Moreover, disciplining them is said to be wrong because it infringes their ‘human rights’.

This is not a rant from a renegade creationist, this is the party line.  In fact this is the recruitment pitch - I have seen it myself at a church in Leeds.  It works too.

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