Monday, 22 August 2011

Everyday Champions creationist school gets go-ahead? Maybe not

A school that will teach that God created the world has been given approval to open in Nottinghamshire.

The Christian Today website reports somewhat breathlessly that the creationist school proposed by the Everyday Champions Church in Newark has got the go-ahead from our somewhat underwhelming Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove (Evangelical school gets the go ahead in Nottingham | Christian News on Christian Today).  This appears to be another of the hopefully over-optimistic articles from the christian lobbies.  It begins

An application by the Everyday Champions Church, based in Newark, has been accepted by the Department for Education.
But then later in the article says:
Now it has emerged that a panel of civil servants interviewed Everyday Champions Church leaders last week after their initial application was approved. It is not known if they agreed to drop plans to teach creationism.
So what gives?  If Michael Gove has approved an application from these nutters, where will it end?  Why should the nation fund schools run by idiots who say
“Creationism will be embodied as a belief at the Everyday Champions Academy but will not be taught in the sciences. Similarly, evolution will be taught as a theory.”
Doesn’t our foolish Secretary of State for Education realise this is creationist code?  I do wonder whether they will teach some alternative to the Theory of Gravity – perhaps while the teachers are all bouncing off the ceiling.  To hand education of our nation’s children to evangelical buffoons could be seen as sanctioning child abuse.
Update:  Visiting the Everyday Champions Academy website, one can see the following text in big bold letters:
Contrary to press coverage ECA has NOT been given approval to open by the DfE and will not receive an update on its progress to pre-opening stage until late September/early October. If the proposal is successful the Academy will NOT be teaching ‘creationism’ or ‘intelligent design’ in any science lesson in line with national curriculum guidelines.
So there is hope yet…

By Grumpy Bob from here.

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  1. "will NOT be teaching ‘creationism’ or ‘intelligent design’ in any science lesson"

    Big deal. No doubt they plan to teach it in non-science lessons; and when they teach evolution in the science class they'll do it in such a way that it won't be believed, as in the CST policy (Appendix 3 to Baker dissertation, free download at